Depending on the Cloud

I had two ideas for stories that some day I would like to write. I generally start a new Google Doc and flush out the beginning of story or production that I would like to flush out more and eventually do something with.

My products can range from blog posts to actual books I want to write. Who knows if I'll ever do anything with them, but I like recording them.

I have ideas, thoughts and stories in my Google Docs going back a couple years from now. It is quick and easy for me to start a new document here. I used to write in my physical journal or notebook, but those tend to get lost or who knows what.

So I have to ask my google Account going to be here in 1, 5 or 10 years? Can I trust Google to not lose my information? Can I trust my FREE Google Account over my paid domain account?

Would be nice to know my data will always be there and I never have to worry about. Can I put that much trust into the cloud?