Backup My Cloudy World

I came across a post about a new web service. It is a cloud backup tool. Something I have talked about needing several times. Handy backup utility for all my favorite cloud based applications.

BackupMy.Net is a handy tool that does this for you.

They provide cloud backup services for: This is definitely a great service. Although I have to ask...will I actually pay for it? I blindly depend on these cloud services to maintain my data for me.

Also, who will backup the backup. So if I pay this service to aggregate my data, how do I browse / manage it. And what happens if they go away?

Don't get me wrong I think this is a great service. Being the picky developer I am...I would like to see a single utility like Jungle Disk that I could map to various cloud services and choose to backup either to my local drive / disk, Amazon EC2, or Mosso Cloud. It would give me more control over it.