Lifespan of Social Media at a Conference or Event

I was just talking with a colleague over Facebook chat about some great interviews and content she is producing from a conference she is at.

She is wondering when the most opportune moment to release this content. When its polished and refined in a week or so...or take advantage of it now.

The attention span of users are short. The opportunity for networking around a conference is best during the conference when everything is still fresh in their minds...they are engaged. As soon as they leave the event floor their minds start moving back to regular things.

In my opinion you are better off beginning the streaming of your ideas and content as soon as you start gathering and organizing them...while still at the conference. Of course your ideas won't be polished and honed, but you will still get value and interest that make carry over and bring value long after the event is over. Much like my blog....I tend to just throw out random ideas....and rarely edit.

So while at the event stream using your twitter, Facebook, and other life streaming services in as close to real-time as you can. Each night make sure and upload photos, videos and other social media to your online profiles....and if you have time make a few blog posts that are relevant to the event and your experience.

Then once you get home you can spend time and polish and hone your event social media productions and release in a more organized and meaningful format that will continue the event buzz for quite a while.