Internet and Network at Technology Conference

I'm not being to formal about my posts coming together from the Google I/O conference. A lot of work this week so I haven't had time to pull together.

So I am just going to rant about a few items randomly. One of them is the network and Internet connectivity at conference centers and events.

First put the Registration, Information, Session Speakers, Exhibitors and all non-attendees on a separate network. There were several important sessions where the presenter was unable to continue for a while because of network latency. How bad is this? Build out capacity for them to accomplish this part of conference.

Then build out the appropriate network for attendees. Make it a great user experience for everyone. We live in the digital age. People are using laptops and handheld devices. Make it possible for them.

Conference centers and show managers need to make sure they hire a competent team to tackle this...and make it so.

It was just unacceptable that at Google I/O developer conference there was any Internet connectivity issues.