End of High Price Software and Old School ISP Models

This month we are done with a hostage internet service provider (ISP) at WebEvents Global where I work. When I started we were already under contract with this ISP.

We weren't using the T1 connection, however we were still using the rack hosting.

After working my way through the sales and tech support I made it to what I guess is the top of the ladder. He expressed no interest in negotiating or even providing the services they had promised. He just reminded we were under contract and that was it.

There was definitely fault and negligence on both sides of the track. He didn't care to hear any of it....he just wanted our payments even though the service wasn't being used.

After we moved our servers we experienced the same thing. They don't care.

So we've been making payments for several months for services we don't use.

This is another big reason I LOVE cloud computing, hype or not. It brings a user generated business model that is pay as you go. I pay for the hardware, platform, and software I use. When I'm done...I'm done.

No more big contracts. Thank god.