Mobile Application Platform Development

IPhone applications are a success, no arguement here. With this success there are a lot of of mobile providers mimicking this. We saw the recent release of the Blackberry application directory and we see other mobile carriers talking of the same.

Having a platform development kit for your mobile platform will be a requirement to do business in the next couple years.

US schools are definitely falling behind in providing quality programmers to meet the need of desktop and web site and application development. We saw this with the mass migration of projects to India, Russia, and other off-shore programming providers.

Lagging behind in these areas only means that we will be lagging behind in the next wave of innovative application development for social networking platforms and mobile platforms.

We need to ensure that high schools, community colleges, and universities offer the best of breed application development programs for IPhone, Android, Facebook, OpenSocial and all other social networking and mobile application platforms.

We need a major push by the current administration to fund and provide incentives to make this happen. We need this made a priority much as the science and math was pushed during the 50's and 60's.

We are gravely in danger of falling behind further in the world.