Cloud Computing Migration as Part of your Marketing

I am encountering many companies that are putting together their cloud computing migration strategy for either their entire company or for specific programs. I see several companies posting comments and questions about this process which creates some transparency of their activities.

I feel strongly that any company seeking to migrate their small or medium sized business to the cloud should do so in a very transparent way as possible. They can ask questions of the profession cloud computing community regarding redundancy, backups, security and other top issues facing businesses who are migrating to the cloud.

This should be done in a very cautious way of course, you don't want to let on to your customer base that you don't know what your doing. However if well planned it can become part of your companies marketing efforts, and help your company ride the wave of recent cloud computing popularity.

Think about the cloud computing marketing module of your migration plan. How can you benefit from transparency of your cloud computing migration and get some marketing gain. You can show that your company is a thought leader regarding infrastructure and delivery of services in your industry.