Tags help give me a visual summary of a lot of my work. I deal with a lot of content and it is hard to see the high level view.

Tag clouds give us a great perspective of everything from our Blogs to Google Reader and beyond.

I don't make enough time to tag all my blog postings. Most of my blog entries are purely shooting from the hip as I have the thought. Otherwise they don't make it in my blog. As I am sure some of you can tell, because when you read...I could use some editorial assistance. Oh well...some day.

Anyways...i started using Zemanta in my blog and gmail. It is a great tool for generating links and images you can quickly use in your content. It really helps spruce things up.

Then today I was trying to go through some of my blog posts and add tags, because my tag cloud on the site is weak. I noticed Zemanta makes tag suggestions and gives me a quick way to use all the suggestions.

Very nice addition.