Cloud Computing and Green Data Centers

I have been reading up on data center operations lately and what goes into building a data center that a cloud / virtualization methodology could be deployed to provide various public or private cloud computing.

I come across many great studies on building Green Data Centers, I was reading this one today: Cloud Computing: Truly Green Data Centers

It was a good article talking about Green data center operations from a small business perspective. I was also watching this video the other day on a Google Data Center.

I see a lot of growth coming up in the next few years in Cloud Computing and therefore in data center construction. Obviously green will play a big part in this.

Designs and case studies on how best practices in building green data centers will become more and more valuable. Not only to keep costs down when building and operating a data center, but also in marketing your company and services as a green IT solution.

I see lots of opportunities in states attracting cloud service providers to build data centers in their state. Offering incentives and highlighting green opportunities in their state regarding cooler temperatures for cooling servers or solar power for generating electiricity. I see a lot of education of congress people and senators regarding the opportunities that are possible to create jobs and income for their home states. First they need to understand what is cloud computing and where its going, and the best practices in green data center development.

Green data center construction is definitely a significant part of the next generation of growth of the Internet.