Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) usage of Software as a Service (SaaS)

Ohhh the acronyms ....gotta love them. So just as I was finishing up my blog post Interroperability at the Software as a Service (SaaS) layer....I clicked open my Google Reader an started reading. I was re-thinking this issue as I was pondering the problems of delivering a full small business solution of tools to my mom's and brother's businesses.

Then I came across this post: Report: Small Business Needs IT, Partners to Thrive

Had this passage about growth of usage of SaaS by SMB:

For solution providers enabling or delivering SAAS applications, the SMB marketplace is an open field of opportunity, the Microsoft report states. Of the 600 companies surveyed, 34 percent are not using any form of SAAS, and only 14 percent have no plans to adopt SAAS before the end of 2009. The number of SMBs using SAAS as a percentage of their applications portfolio is low, with the majority (44 percent) utilizing less than 10 percent of their application mix in SAAS.

Interroperability is definitely a problem and will only grow worse with growth in SaaS usage. Better standards for interroperability would definitely increase adoption by small businesses.