Federal Recovery Money

I am spending some time looking through individual state recovery web sites off the Federal Government Recovery web site at: http://www.recovery.gov/?q=content/state-recovery-page.

I am interested in where this money is going and how its being used.

Its funny, every state talks about accountability and transparency (even uses those words). Someone ought to tell them that a complex array of links going to other agencies and everyone linking to various spreadsheets, pdfs, and other jumbled documents does not equal transparency and accountability.

Here is an example: Estimated Stimulus Impact on Texas: Download the detailed spreadsheet* (PDF, 188KB) Updated April 3, 2009

Download the spreadsheet in a PDF format? Come again?

Its just confusing. Will someone put together a scalable application that will run in the cloud and give it to these people. Then maybe we can truly get the people involved as well on commenting, critiquing and getting involved with the data and project. Right now its damn confusing.

And we need to know and be involved in where our money is going.