Energy Industry Needs a Social Media Marketing Campaign

I was reading an article today in an old Time magazine about the energy industry, and then simultaneously I saw an ad from BP that showed the diversity of their approach and it included "efficiencies" as an option. This is what the Time magazine article was touting as the #1 energy solution for us. Efficiency.

Definitely makes sense. Its a great idea, but how do you get people to change? We are so locked into our current coal and oil society and our usage habits. You have to educate and create change across the board.

That isn't easy.

Everyone in the energy industry needs to get together and start a non-profit organization that all they do is focus on a comprehensive social media and social networking campaign that gets out there everwhere and educates and introduces people to the future!

Social networking and social media would be the way to reach the masses in a saturating kind of way. Give them information and tools to improve the way they use and consume energy.

I could go on forever about tools and crowdsourced ways to move this forward. Maybe I'll blog more on it later.