Find work using social networks...

People are always looking for proof that you can find work or business through social media marketing. Just like with traditional search engine marketing people are looking for the instant gratification. A click through conversion, etc.

It takes a lot more work than that, it is a constant build and constant presence.

I build relationships and connections each day hoping one of them will lead to my next big opportunity. And it has....but never in real direct ways.

Today I happen to check my Facebook stream and saw a former co-worker was looking for some video production people to help with video editing and other needs. The day before a former student of mine in one of my classes through a local community college had found me on LinkedIn and made the connection.

When I saw my former co-workers post I decide to connect the two of them up. I have done many referrals like this.

I also spend a lot of time telling people how they can specific tools and services to meet business goals. Such as Clickatel I constant refer people to them as a professional / enterprise quality SMS gateway. So I contacted them today to see if they had some sort of referral or reseller program I can use while conducting my day to day social media marketing.