Web Site and Search Engine Placement and Social Media and Network Presence

It came up in a conversation today so I thought I would discuss it more. I know I've talked about a Universal Presence before, I'll provide some links later.

What I mean by a universal presence is moving beyond an obsession with just your web site and google search results.

In short you need to pay attention your Facebook profile just as much as you do your web site. All I am saying is a healthy Social Network and Social Media presense will soon deliver a better quality realationship than your web site can deliver alone.

These should all be tools in your toolbox:
  • Web Site
  • Blog
  • Facebook Profile
  • LinkedInProfile
  • Twtter Account
  • YouTube Channel
  • Flickr Profile
You should put an equal amount of energy into each of these areas. Come up with creative ways of providing content and engaging your customers.

This is just a start. There are many ways to engage social media at:
  • Forums
  • QA Sites
  • Wikis
  • File Sharing Sites
  • Company Profile Sites
And much much more. I just had to get this down as a starter and will elaborate soon.