Worldmark - Billing

Trying cover every pain point I have with Worldmark as I go through it to hopefully help someone from making the same mistake as me.

I was closing up the credit card that I had my payments made through. So I needed to call them and have them invoice me. So I could either put in my billpay or just right checks as I receive.

First it took me 3 separate times on hold to get to billing. They would say oh we can't help you with that...let me transfer you to the other office. Then I would sit on hold for 15-20 minutes and get the same thing before on 3rd time I got a billing person.

Then the lady told me my payments are $260.00 / month and I needed to put that on a credit card. I told her I had closed it up...and preferred not using a credit card in these times. I would rather just receive a digital or paper bill and make direct payment.

She said my payments would be $314.00 / month if I didn't use a credit card.

More of the nickel and diming they do...please stay away from Worldmark.