CitiBank Rant

Figure I would rant about Citibank while I am on hold. First of all CitiRetail is the only credit card service I have that I cannot pay digitally. Get with the times.

So I saw on my bill where I could pay digitally from a citibank account. So I sign up....transfer some money. Call them to see how I do this....they say the only way is using BillPay.

Ok...well I have that on my regular bank account. Thanks for nothing.

So I have this account with checks....I think well now I can write I pay some other random things with this account. And I start getting checks bouncing....I call and the guy says ohhh you have to activate your checks. what? I ask did it say this when I received my checks or receive a letter, he says well know its just known that you have to call a separate number and activate checks. this saturday I drive into town and banks are closed but I have 2K in cash in my pocket that I want to put in my citibank account. I use the Internet on my mobile, which don't use Citi's web site, their long menu that you have to view each time is a pain in the ass on mobile. I get listing of ATM where I can use, ok good. I goto several, and they all deny me from making deposit.

I call citibank....and ask where I can deposit....she says there is no where within driving distance of you. I said so I have $2,000 and I can't give it to you. She says yes. Now I am in Eugene, OR. I am not in another country, I am in fairly urban United States.

Anyways, they have been a pain and I am bitching while I'm on hold to get this crap fixed. You'd think with as much as they are hurting, citibank would want my $2,000.00 but I guess soon as I get these checks through...I am closing the account.