Saving Money with Social Media and Social Networks

I just did my taxes and broke down my spending for last year. I was newly divorced last year so I didn't have any restraing on my social spending budget. I won't give numbers on what I spent, but I was blown away what I spent wining and dining business customers as well as exploring the singles dating and partying scene.

Well now that I am living way out in the woods I am putting myself on a forced money saving program. I don't eat out...or go out drinking. Period.

Well this puts a real damper on my personal and business socializing. Bummer....

Well it just is increasing my need to get creative in my usage of social networking to stay in touch with existing personal and business contacts.

So I spend more time on MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn....maintaining my blog and other social media and social networking tools.

Cause i just can't afford to drive places...and eat and drink on the town.