Credit Cards

I have to admit things are getting tight. I have taken all my credit cards out of my wallet so I don't spend on them. I pretend they don't exist.

I just had one credit card I noticed raised my interest from 7.99 to 29.7 because my payment posted on 11/12 instead of 11/11.

I understand they have to make money....that they are making interest off of me, but that is ridiculous.

I called them and told them how stupid this was, and I decided to do to other cards.

I called Chase and they said we will review and let you know what we think. Discover immediately said Yes...we can lower...and put me on a lower interest rate.

I encourage all of you to call ahead of time and harass your credit card companies, they don't hesitate calling you. Do it before things get bad. Give em hell! Make them earn their money.