Updating My Status

Was just playing around more with helltxt which is a multi-social network status update tool. I had come across it a long time ago but never really got the time to play with it.

Now I update my status enough across Myspace, Facebook, and Linkedin enough that that the tool sounds intriguing.

I tend to star and label new applications I find in my Google Reader so I can find and review later. So I just dug it up and started playing again.

Its a very well done application. Allows you to add all the relevant social networks you use one by one. Even with as complex as adding a Facebook application can be...they made it very easy.

Simple easy to use web interface. And they offer all the other necessary entry points such as mobile, email, sms, instant message.

They are what I call the perfect 2.0 application, they chose to do one thing...and they do it well. I highly recommend checking it out.
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