Going green when finding directions...

So I just did it....I was googling an address of a table I"m buying off craigslist. I typed the address into Google Maps and it already had my home address.

Clicked submit.....

Saw the directions to my location...very nice.

Noticed the Also Available: Public Transit option above my directions. Very cool...if I had more time. (nice excuse buddy) Next time though. Right.

Went to print out my directions and saw the Go Green banner ad at the top. Telling me to download maps onto my handheld.

Then I look over 6 inches and see my 2 blackberries.

I guess it's just the moment it actually clicked....I've gotten directions on my blackberry before. I do it all the time.

But it just occurred to me as I was still operating using an old school technique, that I need to evolve.

Do it on my handheld. Quit printing paper.