Keep on Blogging and Twittering

I am finding renewed energy for blogging and twittering lately...mostly because I have more time on my hands living way out in the woods.

I used to really worry about the traffic to my blog and building a following, etc. That really gets in the way.

If I just focus on what I am working on and what is important to me it seems to work better. Then like minded people tend to find my postings on search engines, twitter and other places.

Last night I was working to recover from an Amazon Web Service glitch I talked about earlier. And the Gtalk chat module blipped from my web site. I responded and kept working.

It was a nice gentleman from Dublin that was deploying a software as a service (SaaS) CRM tool. He was asking about how to perform search on twitter programmatically. Then he asked other advice about what they should to to market their tool.

I really enjoy these kinds of contact, people with real questions, problems and just wanting a sounding board. And they respect my time as well.

All of this because i tend to blog and tweet about my random thoughts and feelings regarding technology.