Multiple Domains using Multiple IIS Web Sites using One Certificate and One IP Address

I haven't researched this one in a while, I am glad I had the chance to research for a new project.

I need to be able to setup many sites using a single domain. So each site will be a subdomain within this chose domain.

I have always used one web site on Windows Server because I would need multiple IP Addreses and SSL certificates. I had research the wildcard certificates a couple of times, but the multiple IP address need always trumped. IP Addresses aren't as cheap as they used to be. I remember paying $5.00 / month for a whole C Block.

So tonight I was researching and I came across Wildcard SSL Certificates from Digicert. They rock!! Their process is easy and smooth. I highly recommend them.

Then I saw as one of their features is you could do multiple sites with one IP Address on IIS 6.0. Something I have been asking for for a while.

Then I found this page on how to do it on IIS and Apache -

Good stuff....really enjoy the discovery and changes I find on a daily basis.