LinkedIn Integration with Gmail

While building my network on LinkedIn and searching for friends of course I came across the screen offering to use my Gmail, AOl or other address book to find people to connect with.

Of course I did this and started selecting the people that I wanted to send an invite too. Pretty soon I got tired of filtering the hundreds of people....and just hit send. Hoping some of the people would connect.

Because of the nature of Gmail which adds anyone I talk to to my address book, there are a lot of people in there.

So fast forward about 5 months...I was adding all my co-workers from WebEvents Global and the system told me my account is locked and I needed to email support. Weird?

It told me that I have solicited too many people who reported not knowing me.

Granted I should have filtered more, but it was a lot of work. And I am a typical lazy american. So they should either offer better filter tools for selecting contacts and people I know from my address books or not offer these features.