Looking Through NPR's API / Toolset

I am an NPR addict. I have a serious problem...I admit it. I measure the productivity of my day on how many of their programs I actually manage to listen to. Ok that is out of the way.

Anyways, I was looking through their new API and Tools section and I am intrigued by it. Not sure exactly what I would do with it yet.

They offer access to audio, text, images and other web only content from as far back as 1995. This archive consists of over 250,000 stories that are grouped into more than 5,000 different aggregations.

Good stuff. I wish more media companies would put their assets online, would be a great way to revitalize their libraries and interest in their operations.

Though I may not think of a great mashup or way to remix this content there are users who would, why not give them the data and tools.