Small Business Online Operations Plan

I have been working with my brother-in-law to really escalate the operations of his small business Thinwrench, which offers custom wrench and tool manufacturing. He has had the business since the 1990's and has had the site since I believe 2001.

The site gets a fair amount of traffic and it generates a small trickle of orders for him though out the year, but nothing really significant. It is impressive though considering he does next to nothing to maintain or evolve the site, it's content, and online presence.

So we are always trying to get together and breathe some life into it. He is a real smart guy who has almost zero time to put into his business outside his day job. This is definitely a common problem for aspiring entrepreneurs.

So I have launched a new BETA version of his small business web site using the same look, but hoping to give him a new set of content management (CMS) tools to assist him in making his site maintenance and syndication easier.

My goal with the new small business online operations plan is to give a simple framework to:
So I put together a basic outline that lays out the plan for:
  • Writing home page, about us, and contact us content for use on his web site as well as throughout his online marketing and social media marketing efforts.
  • Develop a list of initial products he will offer through his small business web site.
  • Develop a list of initial services his business will offer through his small business web site.
  • Establish a basic keyword marketing strategy to use as a framework when marketing his site and writing content.
Once his site is up with the new content we will start laying out:
  • Marketing Plan Outline
  • Online Marketing Plan Outline
  • Social Media Marketing Plan Outline
  • Advertising Plan Outline
We will keep each plan and strategy simple and realistic and easy to implement. My goal is for him to be successful and not get overwhelmed with strategy and execution and never get anywhere.

He probably has 4-8 hours a week maximum to spend on his web site maintenance, content creation, marketing, advertising, and overall online presence. That isn't much.

He has to execute in the 1st round so he has a deep understanding of how the site maintenance, marketing, social media marketing and advertising process works before he can delegate to anyone else. This is critical as the owner of a small business.

So keeping it simple and obtainable, and employing an agile process for executing, evaluating and planning for changes every week is crucial.

I will keep posting on his progress, challenges and successes.