Crowsourcing and the Future of Project Resources

In every company I work for we deal with resource shortages all over the place, either due to budgetary constraints or lack of skilled talent in the area.

Either way many projects suffer and take a lot of time. I was reading a post from TED today on new crowdsourcing site Kluster. Its another new attempt at harnessing the power of the crowd and putting it to use to create a better solution to a problem.

It really allows you to tap a small or large group of people around a marketing idea, product launch or other viral style campaign.

I have played around with the idea of using these groups such as Pixish when it comes to Logo creation or graphic design interfaces for widgets, etc.

It is so new and a little scary, and tough to get budget approval for these sorts of things.

I will give them each a shot in the next couple of months.