Communication and Professionalism

I am reviewing about 8 resumes that were submitted for a social media marketing consultant. I made sure that when the resumes came in I responded to each letting them know I received and were reviewing.

Once I reviewed them all and was in the process of presenting them to the client I emailed each one personally and let them know where I was in the process.

One of the applicants emailed me saying how he appreciated the communication.

Made me think some more about this. I have experienced that a lot. In my last job search I submitted probably 150 resumes and received responses from about 20.....and interviews for about 15.

Most you never hear from. It isn't hard to drop them all into an email folder and export the email list and run a mail merge or god forbid actually personally respond.

So just wanted to share those thoughts. I am not always the best at communicating, I am the first to admit. However we can all try to be better at it.

Might come back to us at the right moment.