Bebo Social Networking for Social Media Marketing

Been doing some work on various Bebo Social Network Profiles as part of a social media marketing campaign. Since I am spending some time here I thought I would share some thoughts and strategy.

First off Bebo is a very European focused social network. There are a lot of US users, but definitely heavy on the European market.

I got setup and have my profile all filled out from my social media profile content platform. Wish I had some data portability tools!

Put in a nice picture of myself or my logo, then I went ahead and started a couple of photo albums, and picked the best pictures I have for the first albums.

I don't have any video so I didn't do anything there yet.

I emailed a handful of friends, coworkers, and business contacts I had to make them mad about joining another social network.

I looked through the applications directory to see if there were any relevant applications I could add. Bebo had some nice Widget hooks which I will play with later.

They have a whiteboard feature which is unique. You don't see this many places, it is kind of like the wall...but you can draw. I just posted one myself.

I went to my central company blog on this topic and found a couple of the latest blog posts and and made links to the articles.

Next I went ahead and did a search on a couple of keywords that are relevant to what I am doing. Several groups came up and I went ahead and either became a Fan or a Member. Which gives me some eyeballs on their profile and starts some potential relationships.

That was all I did. I am going to write-up a formal strategy for business social networking strategy using Bebo as marketing of your social media strategy.

Then I will work on a social media maintenance strategy for your Bebo social networking account.