Moving to the Next Challenge and Shifting From Web Programming

I waiting a while before I started blogging about this topic until everything was in place. It seems all the pieces have fallen in place so I am going to start on this new path.

Tomorrow 2/1/2008 is my last day a lead web application developer at Palo Alto Software. I gave notice 2 weeks ago and on 2/6/2008 I will be started a new job with Altrec in Redmond, Oregon.

I am shifting my career a little after almost 20 years as a programmer. The first ten years was primarily database programming with the last ten years building web applications.

Now I am changing course a little bit, I won't ever stop programming, I am shifting into more of a Social Media Architect. I am taking my knowledge of data and API's, coupled with web application development and most recently AJAX development, and marrying it together with a passion for social media.

All that equals Social Media Architect.

I am excited about working with Altrec and assisting them with their social media, API, and other technical needs for the future. I haven't started yet so I really don't know exactly what will happen.

Anyways I just wanted to draw the line in the sand on the blog here.

I will miss working with all my friends at Palo Alto Software, it has been a great couple of years.