Demographic bidding using Google Adwords

Ever wish you could show your ads to a specific group like women aged 25-34? Want to see how your ads perform with certain demographic groups and then adjust your bids accordingly?

Google is introducing a new demographic bidding feature from AdWords. Demographic bidding helps you display your ads to specific gender and age group audiences on some sites in the Google content network, giving you more control over who your audience is and greater insight into how your ads perform with certain demographic groups.

They will start testing this feature over the next few weeks with a selected group of advertisers in the U.S. and U.K.

There are two ways you can use demographic bidding:
  1. First, you can modify your bids for a particular audience segment, such as increasing your bid for 25-34 year-old males by 230%.
  2. Second, you can ask that your ads not be shown to certain demographic groups if they aren't meeting your ROI goals.
If you're an AdWords advertiser located in the U.S. or the U.K., you can sign up to try out demographic bidding. You can see which partner sites offer this feature and learn how to get started by visiting this site.

This will be another tool in your analytics toolbox for your Google Pay Per Click Campaign and a great tool for a social media marketing campaign as well.