Jive Software advances XMPP and opens up possibilities of decentralized open source communications

Was just reading Could Instant Messaging (XMPP) Power the Future of Online Communication? at ReadWriteWeb.

Enterprise collaboration company Jive Software posted today about a theory it's advancing on the rise of XMPP (called Jabber in IM) for powering communication services hosted in the cloud. The company also announced that it will include what it says will be the first XMPP-powered document sharing and collaboration tool in the forthcoming 2.0 release of its product Clearspring.

Jabber has long been the one true IM standard...but where they are headed with XMPP has serious promise.

The endless possibilities of a decentralized communication standards are huge and will truly be some of the next killer apps we see.

I have seen a lot of talk about using micro blogging and twitter for disaster recovery during earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, etc.

However with the recent failure of Twitter during MacWorld it leaves this in question.

Think of the possibilities with a standardized, open source, decentralized communication standard for IM, microblogging, file sharing, picture sharing, video sharing and more for disaster situations, large events, and more.

Good stuff.