Application Idea using the Google Platform

Had a new idea on how to use the Google Platform today. Reading so much about micro-blogging and twitter these days in the blogosphere.

Was reading how non-profits can use micro-blogging and how it could be used in disaster and emergency scenarios until I read how Twitter failed during the MacWorld conference.

So I was building upon an old idea on how you could use Google Notebook for micro-blogging and I thought even better you could use Google Spreadsheets.

You could build a widget or firefox add-on for micro-blogging and it would store all your entries for a day in a single spreadsheet.

This way you would have ownership of all your data and neatly organized and searchable.

Then using the Google Data API you could syndicate and share your feeds and existing Google Data Widgets and Code to access your feeds.

There would need to be some sort of registry of users and it would have the path and address to get your latest set of entries and offer all the features of Twitter, etc.

Just a thought on how to build a micro-blogging on the shoulders of giants.