Definition of My Social Graph

I keep talking about what my single social interface, which I have been wrestling with as part of my social graph. Figured I better clarify for some of you what the social graph is?

A social graph consists of who an individual is connected to based on the type of connections, such as work, friendship, interests, and location.

I am still grasping the definition of my social graph as I participate more and more on social networks and in the social media space.

In my single social interface definition I try to define communication with my social graph in another perspective based upon Individuals, Network, and Public.

That could be a mix of many different people across my social graph.

I am also still fumbling with how all my content and information fits into this picture and where does it show on my social graph as I create, share and collaborate within my social graph?

It is great to see different people perspectives on the social graph how they work to define it as well.