New Google Docs Feature

I have been using Google Notebook pretty heavily. I use it for about 80% of my data gathering in combination with the Google Notebook Firefox Add-on.

I have permanent and temporary Google Notebook Folders for different purposes. I will export a notebook from a Google Notebook to Google Docs using the export feature available in the top right corner under tools.

It really helps me internally publish gathered information to allow it to be more refined using Google Docs. Also now I can collaborate with someone on the refinement.

A new Google Docs feature along the same lines that would be nice is:

Taking an ordered list in Google Docs and highlighting and publish as a Google Presentation.

I have created an ordered list in a Google Doc representing some topic, and I think...."This would make a nice presentation."

It would be nice to highlight an ordered list and right clicking and be able to publish as Google Presentation.

It would take each <> in the <> and make a slide with a caption of the text within the <>

Then I would save a great deal of time extending a Google Doc or a portion of the Google Doc as a Google Presentation.

Just a thought on a new Google Feature, thanls for making it happen.