GigaSpaces Infinitely-Scalable Application Platform

Was introduced to GigaSpaces today by a friend at the University of Oregon. What an amazing application platform. It truly an infinite scaling application that just doesn't handle the back-end tier, it tackles the business layer as well.

This is similar to the technology that Google and Amazon have built for themselves and their offerings.

They also have an GigaSpaces Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that is publicly available, and there is a white paper available for the GigaSpaces EC2 Machine Image.

Gigaspaces support for Java, .Net (C#), and C++. They are also working on a presentation layer that works with the likes of Flash / Flex, AJAX, and Microsoft Silverlight.

They are reworking their pricing right now, however their target audience is the small business and startups so it should be affordable. They also have a community version available of Gigaspaces.

I am going to do a little more homework here.