Google Home for Your Kids

A while back I started helping my daughter Kaia build her blog at She really likes making pictures and stories and posting there from time to time.

Recently she has been learning to read and write more so she started to want to chat with me and got on her mom's IM and would talk to me at work.

So recently she said she wanted to chat with me on her own chat. So I set up a Google Account for her and setup a Gmail account so she can email and use google chat to talk with me.

I live on my Google Home Page so this was a great way for her to interact with me. I taught her how to use it and she now uses the IGoogle as her start page and chats with me.

It got me thinking of other advantages of having my kids use a Google Home Page such as family bookmarking, and monitoring their web behavior using Google Web History.

More to come on this topic.