Amazon Digital Content Platform

I was reading through my blogs today and came across the post from Download Squad on Amazon Launches Software Downloads.

I dug around a little more and saw where you can manager your Media Library on Amazon including E-Docs, Amazon Shorts, Unbox Videos, Kindle Books, Kindle Newspapers, Kindle Blogs, Kindle Blogs, Amazon Mp3 and Software Downloads.

Found it interesting that they give you an area to manage all of your digital material that you purchase through Amazon as a customer.

Then I thought well there must be a flip side to this service and logged into my Amazon Web Services account and foudn I could sign up for the Amazon Digital Text Platform. This allows me as a publisher to publish my digital text content. It talks like it is exclusively for E-Books and for Kindle, however beyond the surface it looks like you could manage all your digital content here and post for sale on Amazon.

I will play around with more and see what comes of it. I am interested in publishing some of my micro / mini books here on various technology and marketing topics. Let you guys know how it goes.