A slimmer, more fit web site. The universal approach to content.

I was just helping my wife setup a new site for the new Local Search Marketing Service she is offering, called Oregon Local Search.

I was enjoying at how simple the site is. It is simply:
  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Contact Us
I basically says:
  • Here is who we are
  • Here is what we offer
  • Here is some information to answer your basic questions
  • Here is how to get a hold of us
It keeps what you are offering to your customers real easy to understand, which is essential for a service based business.

I used to help clients build massive sites with large directories and volumes of information trying to increase the keyword relevancy of the web site.

Now with a Universal Approach to Search Marketing you want to put that information out on the Internet and join the conversation by posting your videos, pictures, news, whats new, events, products, and more and link back to your simple, easy to understand web site.