My Single Social Interface

Just having a few thoughts tonight after reading several posts on statements made from Yahoo about the future of social networks being email based. Also did some more reading on OpenSocial tonight.

It got me thinking about how I work on the computer everyday. All the tools I use to communicate, network and get my work and play accomplished. With the opening of networks, sharing of information, and applications becoming more modular things are really getting good.

I really would like a single "Social Interface" I could define and use, I broke it down as follows:

My Profile - I want a single profile. I want to have a central platform that I work from to maintain my profile and information about me. One profile and login / security information that I can then syndication across all other applications and networks I use. I want to see all my history and trends on my activity.

Contacts - I want a single point of entry for people in my life. I want to be able to group and tag them as I please. Keep their relationship with me clearly defined and able to interact with them as I see fit.

Individual Communication - I want a single point of entry for all communications and prioritzed by the senders relationship with me. I want to be able to send and receive communications with individuals by whatever method suits me and them. Allow all communication types to operate seemlessly, whether it is an email, SMS, instant message or network alert.

Network Communication - I want to be able to communicate with my network of contacts, friends and family through any way that works for me and for them. Communicating with different groups of network relationship should be easy.

Public Communication - I need to communicate with the general public whether it is making my resume available to the public, blogging, podcasting, writing press releases, or selling my services. I should be able to create content to communicate with target groups and publish or syndicate the content easily.

Information - All the information I need daily to make decisions and educate myself should be right at my finger tips. All my blogs, news, shopping, etc should be within grasp and tailored to what I am looking for.

Schedule - I should be able to easily manage my private and public schedule with ease and syndicate or publish as needed to my calendar, network or to the Internet as needed.

Storage - Everything I store on my hard drive should be in one central place and then be able to distribute where ever I need or want it. My images, videos, music, bookmarks, notes, journal, etc should all be stored as requested and then made private or public and syndicated to whatever network, site or application that I choose. I should never lose data or worry about backups and hard drive failures.

Projects - Project tracking for everything I do from shopping list for going to the store to all my client projects should be easy to access and work on. I should be able to collaborate with anyone I wish and the system will keep me on task the way I like.

Applications / Tools - I really need an application framework that is desktop, rich, and web all at once. Then I can add and remove anything without any effort no matter whether it is free or piad. I should be able to grab whatever application or tool and add to my browser, toolbar, homepage, or anywhere that works for my way of working and the platform I am on.

Just some thoughts on the my single Social Interface to get everything I need done.