Tracking everywhere I have been on the internet

Going through my Web History for my Google Profile. A little scary when you look at it. I click into my Web History right from the Google Home Page, IGoogle.

First page it shows my search history for the day...starting at 8am. Hmmm...what to think about this?

I look further and I click on the calendar to view other days. Hmmm...that is what I was looking at last saturday.

If you think about it this is pretty scary. Google knows where I have been and what I am looking at.

You know what I really don't care at this point, maybe someday I will. But really if I do something I don't want someone to know about I am not going to do it on my home or work computer logged into Google. C'mon.

I kind of like it. It shows me my trends. What the hell I am looking at. It will integrate with my bookmarks.

I could create a cloudview of what I do. I would like to be able to share some of my search history with the world. I woulPublish Postd like to share some of my bookmarks with the world.

Maybe a neat little public cloudview of what I do on the Internet daily, well what I want the public to see that I do on the Internet daily.