Kin Lane

About Kin Lane

My name is Kin Lane. I am a writer, storyteller, and recovering technologists. If you've heard of my name before, you probably know me as the API Evangelist. As of 2019, I've put down API Evangelist, and I am currently working at F5 Networks as an API architect. While I'm still focusing my career on APIs, I'm not longer performing as the API Evangelist, and I am leading a much more private existence than I did from 2010 through 2018.

While my day job is definitely technology focused, my passion is studying the impact of technology on the world around us, then writing and sharing stories about what I'm seeing. I've grown increasingly skeptical regarding the impact that Internet technology, and specifically the web has on our lives, and it is something I feel compelled to write about and explore. It's no secret that I'm very critical of how technology gets used, and the damage it leaves in it's wake it when fueled blindly by venture capital. However, I have also spent many years drinking the Kool-aid, and I have been very complicit in this game, whch is something I work to reconcile in my storytelling in the future.

While I thoroughly enjoy writing, I'm having to work hard to find a new voice after being the API Evangelist for so long. I still enjoy capturing the world using my drones, and evolution of my Drone Recovery project. I also enjoy taking photos with my multile cameras, and apply algorithmic filters to them using machine learning models, and publishing them as part of my Algorotoscope work, and using them in my storytelling across my blogs. While videos and photos tell a lot about the world around us, I feel that algorithmically distorted images speak volumes about the world we are experiencing today.

Another passion of mine throughout my career has been helping government and non-profit organizations understand the world of technology, resulting in me working for the Obama administration in 2013, and more recently helping the European Comission with their API strategy across EU member states. I've alwy worked to channel this energy and applied it to the Open Referral 211 standard for helping cities make their health and human services more accessible, and I am also very interested in the 311, 511, and other standards that help make our cities more livable, and accessible to all citizens.

You'll have to excuse me for not having any contact information on this blog. You are welcome to try and engage with me via social media, but I'm a little burnt out after eight years of a very public existence, and I am enjoying some private time to myself--so I may not actively engage beyond topics that interest me, and come from my close circle of friends. As I approach 2020, I'm looking to evolve my focus when it comes to technology, and continue to invest in my writing, which is more often a solitary affair, which to many might seem anti-social. The next decade will be very much about me, and less about the community, but if you have something important to share, make sure and publish it to your blog, ping me on social media, and it is likely that eventually I'll get around to taking a look.

Thanks, Kin Lane.