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My name is Kin Lane and I am a technology professional with an obsession for Application Programming Interfaces, also affectionately known as APIs.

I've been working in the technology space for over 20 years. I remember building my own relational databases, and generating stacks of floppy disks to distribute software to clients. After spending much of my career online, I strongly believe in the openness and distributed nature of the Internet, and that the World Wide Web will be the vehicle that drives the world into the future.

photo of I have lived as a programmer, database administrator, architect, product developer, manager and executive and have experience in business development, sales and marketing--all while living with chronic entrepreneurialism. In this decade I've rolled all that experience into a new persona, one that focuses exclusively on APIs--called the API Evangelist.

I spend my days studying the business and politics of APIs, then telling stories of what I see across the space. I thrive on monitoring the API industry in real-time, but also feel looking back at the history, while also keeping an eye on the future by tracking on new trends that I see emerging.

photo of Kin and Kaia LaneI'm a full time evangelist, not for a single API, but for APIs in general. My focus is not just on developers, but helping the rest of the world understand the value and potential of APIs. It is important that EVERYONE understands that APIs exist, even if they don't ever grasp the full details of the API economy.

I spend my days researching the world of APIs, publishing what I can to an array of 50+ Github repositories, each with their own website doorway using Github pages. Since the API Evangelist network is an ongoing research project, things are always changing, come back often, and subscribe to feeds. You can always find links to my network on the home page of API Evangelist.

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