Hacker Storytelling - Ed-Tech Funding

I just finished the basic setup for a project that @audreywatters and I have been working on together. A while back Audrey said she wanted to better understand the world of investment behind the ed-tech space. I saw it as a perfect opportunity for collaboration between Audrey's world and mine, so we setup The Ed-Tech (Industry) Matrix.

As I do with all my projects, I setup a Github repository as a container for all the research. I added a base Jekyll template, allowing us to manage all the pages for the research project easily, and we can have also have a project blog which we will use to showcase project updates--leaving Ed-Tech Funding research with three elements:

That is it for now. I have a lot of work to do in pulling corporate data on all of these ed-tech companies Audrey has targeted through her research. I have already pulled details from Crunchbase, but will be pulling what I can from Angel List, Open Corporates and from the SEC.

The project is a container for us to use when we have time to dedicate to the project. All our work is available in a collaborative way via the Github repository, and we use Jekyll + Github to handle all of the project tasking, roadmap and storytelling around any work that occurs. I'm sure as we make progress both Audrey and I will also be providing deeper analysis via our own blogs.

If you'd like to know more about the project, feel free to ping @audreywatters or @kinlane, or submit an issue for the project. It you'd like to know more about this project format, which I call Hacker Storytelling, I'm happy to help share my thoughts.