All Side Projects Are Now Hosted on Github

I’m working through the 2012 year, trying to quantify what I did over the year. It’s not as easy as it sounds. One area I’m having trouble quantifying is how much programming I do.

Programming is an essential variable in my happiness algorithm. If I’m not programming a certain amount each week on projects, I can get very grumpy. ;(

There is an easy way to track how many projects or side projects I’m working on, and how much programming time each of these projects get--using Github. The problem is I still don’t use Github 100% of the time. I still code many side projects in the doldrums of my Amazon EC2 server(s).

So in 2013, I am going to make Github repositories default for all side projects. Each project will start off as a repository, then I will enhance using:

Every project will be open source by default and allow for interaction and collaboration at two levels using Disqus or Github.

Anyone can easily leave a comment with Disqus or fork the project and commit at a deeper level.

All of my projects will be open by default, and can easily be linked off any of my main websites and blogs.

Additionally I will be able to track the number of side projects I work on, how active each one is, and how much code I commit any given day, week, month or throughout the year.

While I can’t easily quantity how much time I programmed in 2012, in 2013 I will have the data necessary, with just a simple shift in how I manage myself.