Local, Geo Landscape Roundup - February 6th, 2012

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(02/01/2012) Had a great time sponsoring @StartupWeekend San Jose. Congrats to @dougzor @alexconrad & bzzr.me team for winning our developer prize #swjs

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(02/07/2012) RT @paulmiller: My #datamarkets podcast with @mrflip of @infochimps now online. @buzzdata chat will go up Thursday. http://t.co/t28gFH53
(02/06/2012) We're excited about our webcast with @datameer on finding customer insights with Big Data analytics! http://t.co/0HnmnFgr
(02/03/2012) @agbegin That is sweet!
(02/03/2012) Our CTO, @mrflip will be speaking at @StrataConf later this month. Will you be there? http://t.co/ThbbYyFG
(02/01/2012) RT @flowingdata: Mapping the drug wars in Mexico http://t.co/BKg6kFkg

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(02/06/2012) Register to download #Yesmail Interactive's FREE #Lookbook, award winning email/mobile designs http://t.co/yg4YEhoZ
(02/02/2012) How to Make Your Mobile Marketing Succeed in 2012 : Technology :: American Express OPEN Forum http://t.co/wEJ31rpV via @OpenForum
(02/01/2012) How to Pitch Angel Investors : Money :: American Express OPEN Forum http://t.co/dZAiWbr1 via @OpenForum
(02/01/2012) The 7 Fundamentals of Building a Successful Business : Marketing :: American Express OPEN Forum http://t.co/AnOTU4v9 via @OpenForum

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(02/07/2012) #SherpaEmail attendees: Have you used SMS or QR codes for email list signups? For Yes- Text TWEET A to 64686. For No-Text TWEET B to 64686
(02/06/2012) Join us at #sherpaemail next week! Find out what panels we're participating in & how you can get text alerts http://t.co/Q8XgP8VE
(02/03/2012) @TlaBouff Great to hear, Tara. Which paper did you download? Would love to hear your thoughts on it.
(02/01/2012) Are You Competing with Your Own Business Identity? - Search Engine Watch Article by Jeff Beard (#SEW) http://t.co/J4pqxd2z

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