Local, Geo Landscape Roundup - January 29th, 2012

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(01/25/2012) @kevinlouie Our apologies, we were experiencing some brief issues with our v2 API yesterday morning. It should be resolved now.
(01/23/2012) Happy to release our official PHP driver. Accessing our 55 million global places is now easier than ever #php http://t.co/NmlWnvhf

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(01/27/2012) The Best Pie Chart Ever http://t.co/YDjiT0k9
(01/26/2012) @denzil_correa Which API are you using? We can have the engineers take a look ASAP.
(01/25/2012) @jonalmond2 No, we're not planning a move anytime soon and for future reference, Twitter cold calling is lame. :)
(01/24/2012) @carterrabasa Check out our Foursquare Places API... http://t.co/RGDogpm1
(01/23/2012) 4 Ways Small Businesses Can Build a Great Culture : Managing :: American Express OPEN Forum http://t.co/G77CQ6Sk via @OpenForum
(01/26/2012) One Sure-fire Way to Be a Better Leader : Lifestyle :: American Express OPEN Forum http://t.co/AgvEAQtE via @OpenForum
(01/25/2012) Turning Customers Into Fans and Followers : Marketing :: American Express OPEN Forum http://t.co/HJBWLi3m via @OpenForum
(01/25/2012) #alamw12 - Big THANKS to all our friends we saw in Dallas
(01/24/2012) 11 Vital Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs http://t.co/sTm8DABT via @mashable
(01/24/2012) Reduce Customer Service Expenses Using Twitter and Facebook : Managing :: American Express OPEN Forum http://t.co/UaBCiHNN via @OpenForum
(01/23/2012) Starting today, we will be adding @TheDailyTrigger tweets to our feed. For infomation about iSell check out this link http://t.co/olN5UKNr
(01/23/2012) #alamw12 #referenceusa/Booth1855 sponsors the ALTAFF gala Authors Tea, Monday, January 23rd http://t.co/FeZcLWrQ…
(01/23/2012) Thinking about switching #email platforms? Some key criteria to think about before you do: http://t.co/RstNFHGo via @MediaPost
(01/23/2012) Loci 2011: Gib Olander http://t.co/mP9ytx6b via @mblumenthal
(01/25/2012) HyperPublic Blog