Open Source Manufacturing, Web APIs, and 3-D Printing

I just finished reading, Will 3-D Printing End Mass Manufacturing, on Mashable.

I also had a link to an open source manufacturing site bookmarked from a couple months ago.

And of course I live and breathe Web APIs on a daily basis.

So after reading all this, my mind starts thinking about open source manufacturing processes bundled with open web APIs, and the future of 3-D printing and / or manufacturing.

When you start thinking of this in terms of local, cottage style manufacturing, I can see lots ofpossibilities.

Imagine, a group of people in a small town, research a need for a component or product. Buy a 3-D Printer, register it with a open API manufacturing network (say based on Google Cloud Print). Now they can take orders in real-time over the Internet.

An open source manufacturing network that uses web APIs to receive jobs in real-time and builds products using 3-D printers.