Using HTML5 Microdata on Your Web Site

When it comes to HTML5, for some reason the less visual and more functional aspects of HTML5 is what excites me. I was just reading more about the HTML5 Microdata specification.

Microdata is part of the HTML5 specs that is relevant to sharing data. MicroData helps web page data to be processed, organized, structured or presented in context. Microdata, is a way of embedding information in your web page that makes your existing data machine readable.

Some example uses of HTML5 MicroData are: There are many ways to automate the Microformatting of your data on your web site. Many content management systems (CMS) such as Wordpress already integrate Microformats. The HTML5 Microdata specification is derived from many of the Microformats already out there.

Semantic markup and structured data is the future. Incorporating Microdata as part of your web site and content management strategy now will give you a head start and increase the relevance of your data in the increasingly social and structured Internet of tomorrow.