Web-based Existence being a Developer

So in the last year I have completely move online. Everything I do is web-based. Most of my world exists underneath my Google Account.

However I use many other web services to get done what I do everyday. I can sit down at any computer pretty much and access my world online and get busy.

One area I am lacking is a web-based code editor to manage develop my sites and web applications. I utilize the OWS Architecture for managing a lot of the content on our sites and build out our dynamic web sites using a CMS system.

Though when it comes to building applications and writing code I really don't have many options. So recently I found a Edit Area a free web-based Javascript Editor.

The main features are:
So I am going to start integrating it into some of my work and servers. I will let you guys know how it goes. It will be nice to have this last piece of my world moved online.