Kin Lane

May I Offer Some Additional Narratives to Illuminate Your Spreading of Fear

I received an email from a family member today which was sent as a broadcast to a large email list of people. It stated that their boyfriend’s mother-in-law (which nobody knows) had a stroke after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. The email is just one in a regular stream of misinformation emails about the latest thing everyone needs to be afraid of, which often times includes anti-vaccination misinformation. The email included no other context regarding the persons age, health condition, or anything else that might help people make an informed decision about what was happening—-it was designed to strike an emotional chord. The telltale sign of this is that it closed by saying please don’t reply to this with hateful responses, because my heart cannot take it. With no regard to that state of the hearts of people this random information was being sent, and where they might be emotionally on this day.

I won’t be replying to this thread, but as I do with each wave of misinformation I receive from this person I prefer to blog about it here on the blog, process my emotions, and then move on. Living. Fighting misinformation head on is like trying to battle the ocean—-there is no winning. However, to help illuminate how this is just irresponsible fear mongering let me add my own narratives to help widen the narrative.

  • One of my best friends dies after refusing to get the vaccine and his wife her wife said she would get one.. *
  • My friends dad died before he could get his vaccination and said he was skeptical that a vaccination would help. **
  • A former business partner of mine received $1.5M in his bank account the day after getting his vaccination. ***
  • A lady who runs a non-profit that I know had her student loans completely paid off two days after getting her vaccination. **

Now, I am not in the fear mongering business, and I am not terrified of the world me, looking to evangelize fear as my salvation—-there is too much of this in the world already. So, I’m going to provide little more context to all of these people who mean nothing to anyone but me…

  • * My friend shot himself and committed suicide because he was depressed, and had little to do with the virus.
  • ** My friends dad had covid and was on a ventilator for months and could not speak anymore about anything.
  • *** My former business partner had sold his business and was receiving his returns, and it had nothing to do with virus.
  • **** A wealthy alumni of the HSBCU had paid off all of my friends class at the university, having nothing to do with virus.

I am sorry that your boyfriends mother-in-law had a stroke. I wish her the best. However, I do not know her, and there is no evidence of her stroke and the vaccine behind related. You provide no additional context regarding her age, health, or anything. If this had been just about her having a stroke, I would have sent good vibes your way. However, you were trying to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) about vaccinations, then throwing up your heart as a shield to protect yourself. What about the hearts of everyone you just sent that email to? Did you consider what their current day was like, and the state of their heart before you sent your misinformation email? How about the hearts of the over half a million people who have lost a loved one to the virus? And the many more who will die in coming weeks and months?

I know you believe that you are in the right here. I know you can’t see how fearful you are to want to believe the government is looking to harm millions of people with this vaccination. I know you won’t be able to look back and reassess after 200M people receive the vaccine and very few have adverse reactions to the vaccine, or actually die. You’ll move onto the next fearful narrative been given to you and continue dancing to the same tune. Please spend more time reading books and stay off the Youtubes. Please choose to surround yourself with more diverse voices than what you have today. Maybe find an epidemiologist or two and strike up a conversation. IDK. Just please stop sending random email messages that spread fear. I’m not interested and I do not wish to be subscribed to it anymore. I’ll keep finding new ways of saying it, but I’m just not interested in your doomsday view of the world anymore. I am enjoying living life. I am enjoying the diverse people around me. I am enjoying reading books and expanding my view of the world.