Kin Lane

Instantly Changing the Mood of the House

I am always fascinated with how life can beat you down slowly until you are in a place that isn’t fully healthy, but you can’t really tell because all you have time for is responding to what life is throwing at you. We knew we were on shaky ground, but until Poppy R. Lane came into our lives, we hadn’t noticed how far we had driven into the ditch. Poppy is a 9 month old Rottweiler plus German Shepherd (we think), who we found via Copper’s Dream Rescue in the Bay Area a few weeks back. After one week of having Poppy in our lives, our world has changed in many positive ways, showing us how far we had sunken into a hole where we didn’t exercise enough, worked too hard, and spent too much time doom scrolling on the Internet.

Poppy has pushed us to walk at least 2-3 times per day. Our evenings are now spent walking and playing with her instead of catching up on more work or starting our TV watching too early. We are back to walking several miles a day, getting up early, and just being more active. We love walking, but in a COVID-19 world we just couldn’t muster up the reasons for why we should be stopping what we are doing and going outside—-none of this matters to Poppy, and we are always going outside with her to do something.

Audrey and I get along very well. The COVID-19 world was too much of a shift from our previous life where we spent upwards of 90% of time together. However, I am surprised at how much joy Poppy has injected into our reality. She just can’t help it. She has this amazing personality, curiosity, and excitement for almost everything. She is extremely loving and cute on top of it all. She loves, and thrives on being loved. We really couldn’t have asked for a better dog than what we got–we are pretty damn lucky.

We have been pretty against getting a dog due to the amount we traveling and moving we have done over the years, but COVID-19 has changed all that. Opening up a window where we would consider inviting another soul into our world. I am very thankful we did. She instantly changed the mood of the house. We had dealt with so much death lately that we couldn’t quite see how far we had sunk, and I don’t think there was any other cure for what ailed us besides Poppy. Having a joyous loving puppy in our lives is exactly what we need to cuddle with when thinking about the loved ones we have lost, and to lick our faces in the morning to remind us to get up and seize the day, or at least go outside for a pee.